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Valquer French Straightening Treatment

Valquer French Straightening Treatment

High Tech Cutting-edge Treatment to Achieve Straight Hair That Lasts for 4 to 6 Months. Just 5 Minutes Combing With a Dryer to Maintain It. With the French Straightener, You Attain Great Volume With No Frizziness. This Is a Thermodynamic Treatment That Neither Does Damage to Nor Breaks the Structure of the Hair Fibres. Nor Does It Affect Dying: You Can Dye Your Hair Before or After the Treatment Without Harming Your Hair in Any Way. The French Straightening Formula Contains Natural Ingredients (Purified Water, Keratin and Hyaluronic Acid) Which Hydrate Your Hair, Making It More Flexible, Easier to Comb Without Weighing It Down and Give It a Wonderful Natural Shine. The French Straightening Treatment Takes Place at Your Hairdresser’s and Takes 2 to 4 Hours, Depending on the Length of Your Hair. This Treatment Includes a Pack of 4 Products: Preparation Shampoo (2), Straightening Treatment and Mask (to Aid and Extend the Length of the Treatment). ————————————– Wash Your Hair With the Preparation Shampoo and Then Rinse. Wash Your Hair Again With the Preparation Shampoo, Leave It in for 5 Minutes and Then Rinse With Plenty of Water. Dry Your Hair Using a Hair-dryer. Apply the “French Straightening Treatment” Uniformly to the Hair in Sections, Using a Round-tipped Brush, Starting One Centimetre Above the Root. Leave in for Between 20 and 25 Minutes. Rinse With Plenty of Water Eliminating All Product Residues. Then Comb While Drying, Brushing Each Section Various Times. Pass the Iron Over the Fine Sections 10 to 15 Times, Depending on Hair Type. The Recommended Temperature Is 200-240ºc.

————————————————- Leave the Straightener in for Longer. Once You Have Applied the French Straightening Treatment, You Can: A) Dampen Your Hair and Apply the Post-treatment Mask Before Combing Under the Dryer for 5 Minutes. Option Recommended for Hairdressers’ to Show Its Efficiency. B) Apply the Post-treatment Mask After the First Proper Washing Following the Treatment – Normally at Home. After Each Wash, Apply the Post-treatment Mask. Leave in for 5 Minutes and Then Detangle While It Acts on the Hair. Rinse With Water, Then Comb Hair While Drying.

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