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Valquer Decolouring Blue Powder 1000 G

Valquer Decolouring Blue Powder 1000 G

Rapid and Effective. With Wheat Proteins

What Is It? This Is a Decolouring Powder for Removing Overall and Colour Mix Tints. It Has Wheat Protein to Protect the Capillary Fibre During the Process. It Mixes Quickly With Oxygenated Water. Is Easy to Use as It Is a Compact Powder and Does Not Blow Away.

What Is It Used for? It Quickly and Uniformly Removes Up to Six Different Tones of Colour From the Hair. It Can Also Be Used to Remove Colour From Vellus Hairs.

How Is It Applied? To Prepare the Mixture. 40 Grammes of Decolouring Powder Is Placed in a Non-metallic Recipient and 60 Ml of Oxygenated Water Is Added Little by Little in Cream at a Volume of 20. 30 or 40. Stirring Well Until Obtaining a Well Mixed Paste. This Is Applied on Dry Unwashed Hair. It Should Be Left for Between 30 to 45 Minutes. Depending Upon the Natural Hair Base and the Desired Result. The Hair Should Then Be Rinsed With Abundant Tepid Water.

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