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Valquer Ammonia-free Bleaching Powder 900 G

Valquer Ammonia-free Bleaching Powder 900 G

Faster. More Intense (Up to 8 Shades)

What Is It? It Is a Highly Effective Bleaching Powder Which Has Been Formulated Without Ammonia. To Get Highlights and for Full Bleaching.since It Contains No Ammonia. It Is More Respectful of the Hair Has Been Subjected to a Compaction Process to Facilitate Dosing (It Is Not Dispersed in the Environment). And When Mixed With Hydrogen Peroxide Cream It Does Quickly and Evenly.

What Is It Used for? It Bleaches and Brightens the Hair More Quickly:- Full Bleaching (Up to 8 Shades in Natural Hair)- Getting Hair Highlights- Body Hair.

How Is It Applied? Mix 40 G of Ammonia-free Bleaching Powder With 60 Ml of 20. 30 or 40 Volume Hydrogen Peroxide Cream in a Non-metallic Container. When the Mixture Is Homogeneous. Apply to the Hair to Be Bleached (Dry and Not Washed Beforehand).leave on for 20 to 45 Minutes Depending on Hair Type and Desired Result.remove by Rinsing With Plenty of Water and Then Wash the Hair.

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