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D’bullon G-3 Collagen 200 Ml

D’bullon G-3 Collagen 200 Ml

Face and Neck Cream With Vitamins A, C and E

What Is It? Collagen Is the Main Structural Skin Element. Collagen Regenerating Cream Incorporates This Protein While It Considerably Increases the Capacity of the Epidermis to Retain Water. Affording It Extraordinary Elasticity. The Nutrient Properties of This Cream Are Reinforced by the Vitamin a. C and E Content.

What Is It Used for? It Affords the Skin Collagen Aminoacids and Vitamins to Maintain Its Vital Functions.

How Is It Applied? Cleanse Skin and Then Apply to Face and Neck. By Means of a Gentle. Circular

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