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D’bullon Facial Mask

D’bullon Facial Mask

With Alantoina and Natural Silk Aminoacids

What Is It? Light and Fresh. Its Use Is Indicated for All Types of Skin. It Acts by Eliminating Impurities and Decongesting the Skin. It Has a Soothing. Relaxing Effect and It Is Highly Moisturizing Due to the 100% Natural Silk Aminoacids It Contains. Which Make the Skin Soft. Leaving It With an Excellent Texture.

What Is It Used for? It Eliminates Impurities. Decongestants the Skin. Making It Soft and Leaving It With an Excellent Texture.

How Is It Applied? Cleanse Skin and Then Apply a Fine Layer to Face and Neck. Using a Brush. Always Avoid the Area Around the Eyes and Mouth. Leave for 10 Minutes Trying Not to Gesticulate. Remove With Warm Water.

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