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Our Story

Delva Global Trading

Beauty is soothing. Beyond the hubbub and fad, beauty is elegant and chaste.
Beauty is something that you are born with; it is natural hence unique but crucial. Whatever your take on beauty, one cannot ignore the fact that outer appearance matters not only to others but oneself too. A beautiful frame gives you happiness and confidence; hence it is mandatory to make an effort to keep it healthy. While many beauty experts in the market claim to magnify your beauty, Delva believes in keeping it healthy and buoyant.

Established with the sole aim of customer wellness, Delva Trading Company located in Doha, Qatar works towards the development of a healthy beauty environment in the Middle East through its unique and innovative products that focus on customers’ health and hygiene. Delva Trading Company is engaged in the wholesale and distribution of international cosmetic products for beauty salons across the GCC regions that are top notch in quality and speak excellence.

Beauty has always been overrated and stereotyped. People fueled with such incorrect notions about it end up using products that are not only fake but have damaging results. Making people aware of real beauty and celebrating its uniqueness, Delva Trading Company has come up with an innovative product range that brings out your natural beauty and further enhances it. We have gone across the globe in search of products that are of high quality, and provide excellent results. In the strive to get the best of the products for our clients, we carried out extensive research through the beauty industry across the globe, met the experts in the industry and visited numerous exhibitions held around the world to identify the products that meet our goal of healthy and real beauty. Our chosen products thereupon were subjected to multiple tests to ensure that they are safe on your skin, health and are environment- friendly.

After much research and experimentation, Delva’s team of experts has picked up some of the best products that serve you excellently. We provide a range of products that cater to your skin health, beauty, hair care, nail care, etc., and aid you in maintaining them in their best state. There also comes a range of cosmetics that further enhance your beauty. Our quality products and services to the clients along with reliability is our USP, and we aim to further build upon it. With the ultimate aim to revolutionize the entire beauty industry, we are putting in our best efforts to bring about healthy changes.
Our customers’ health and hygiene matter to us, as such we have handpicked the best products in the industry that care for you.


Delva aims towards customer wellness. The purpose of the company is to provide quality products and services to its clients through creative innovation and technology. With our quality products that exhibit excellence in every sphere, we wish to set a high standard in the beauty industry while ensuring the health and safety of the customers.


Delva sees itself becoming a part of top five distributors of beauty products in the coming years. It aims to make a healthy beauty environment in the Middle East region and takes on the responsibility to provide quality products and services to its clients. It sees itself reinventing the beauty and spa industry via innovation and expansion of the cosmetics within two years.


We collaborate with the best brands to serve you quality.